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Managing the whitelist You can manage the IP whitelist on the auth tab of your ngrok dashboard. In contrast to plain Lua scripts and Lua server pages, Lua websocket scripts are shared by all clients. However, the Manual should be of help. ssi_pattern **.shtml$|**.shtm$ All files that match ssi_pattern are treated as Server Side Includes (SSI).

All other accesses are unlimited access_log_file Path to a file for access logs. The NCC audit found no evidence of deliberate backdoors, or any severe design flaws that will make the software insecure in most instances.’ This is great news, but leaves the problem PVR. (Linux only.) dvb://[cardnumber@]channel --dvbin-... By default, the contents of a hidden container will be overwritten by the contents of the outer container, so the outer container should not be written to after creation - it

mysql_config_editor encrypts the .mylogin.cnf file so it cannot be read as cleartext, and its contents when decrypted by client programs are used only in memory. Note that the --no-config option takes precedence over this option. --save-position-on-quit Always save the current playback position on quit. This is mainly useful for debugging. -s --sh -c --csh Format the info output in daemon mode for use with the standard Bourne shell or the C-shell respectively.

In this way, mysql_config_editor makes it easy to set up multiple “personalities” for connecting to different MySQL servers, or for connecting to a given server using different accounts. Interlaced video shows ugly comb-like artifacts, which are visible on fast movement. Bind a tunnel to receive traffic on all subdomains of example.com ngrok http --hostname *.example.com 80 Wildcard domain rules The use of wildcard domains creates ambiguities in some aspects of Features Explore Pricing This repository Sign in or Sign up Watch 76 Star 557 Fork 289 civetweb/civetweb Code Issues 28 Pull requests 1 Projects 0 Pulse Graphs Permalink Branch: master

It should be noted, however, that groovy as this ability to mount an encrypted drive is (and it is one of the things that makes VeraCrypt a great program), it does Run tunnels for multiple virtual hosted development sites authtoken: 4nq9771bPxe8ctg7LKr_2ClH7Y15Zqe4bWLWF9p tunnels: app-foo: addr: 80 proto: http host_header: app-foo.dev app-bar: addr: 80 proto: http host_header: app-bar.dev Tunnel a custom domain over This is apparently the default behavior with VLC, at least with Matroska. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/how-to-show-file-extensions-in-windows/ How to view file name extensions in Windows 8 and Windows 10 When in Windows 8 or Windows, open any folder that you wish.

Existing files will be truncated. The intended use for this extra socket is to setup a Unix domain socket forwarding from a remote machine to this socket on the local machine. Step 9Restart in normal mode and scan your computer with your Trend Micro product for files detected as WORM_FORBIX.A. For production-grade services, you'll want your tunneled traffic to be encrypted with your own TLS key and certificate.

May also be incremented on "hiccups" and when the video frame couldn't be displayed on time. (vo-drop-frame-count property.) If the decoder drops frames, the number of decoder-dropped frames is appended to This allows you to have per-project ngrok configuration files with tunnel definitions but a master configuration file in your home directory with your authtoken and other global settings. On the Advanced Boot Options menu, use the arrow keys to select the Safe Mode option, and then press Enter. • For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 users For this reason, ngrok can rewrite your requests with a modified Host header.

All other methods, in particular the copy-back methods (like dxva2-copy etc.) are either fully safe, or not worse than software decoding. o (also P) Show progression bar, elapsed time and total duration on the OSD. If playback passes the b timestamp, it will seek to the a timestamp. Dropped frames, e.g.

Changes to the IP Whitelist can take up to 30 seconds to take effect. Examples are given in page.lua and page.lp. UP and DOWN Seek forward/backward 1 minute. s Take a screenshot.

Playlist can contain entries using other protocols, such as local files, or (most severely), special protocols like avdevice://, which are inherently unsafe. --chapter-merge-threshold= Threshold for merging almost consecutive ordered chapter parts Alt+2 (and command+2 on OSX) Resize video window to double its original size. In the search field type Show hidden as shown in the image below.

The index is an integer, with 0 meaning the first file.

Civetweb also provides access to the SQlite3 database through the LuaSQLite3 interface in Lua. If this is forgotten the client will time out. Note that video filters, subtitle rendering and audio synchronization can be completely broken in this mode. --fps= Override video framerate. Print more information about what the program does.

anamorphic widescreen DVDs). In future mpv releases, the behavior might change, and not apply your additional settings, and/or use a different profile name. Windows has two types of files that Windows will classify as hidden and hide from the user. Hidden volumes and hidden operating systems provide plausible deniability, as it should be impossible to prove they exist (as long as all the correct precautions are taken).

What is a File Extension? linger_timeout_ms Set TCP socket linger timeout before closing sockets (SO_LINGER option). See the Captured Request Detail resource for docs on the request objects Example Response { "uri": "/api/requests/http", "requests": [ { "uri": "/api/requests/http/548fb5c700000002", "id": "548fb5c700000002", "tunnel_name": "command_line (http)", "remote_addr": "", "start": "2014-12-15T20:32:07-08:00", Ctrl+LEFT and Ctrl+RIGHT Seek to the previous/next subtitle.

Upgrading from ngrok 1.0 From a user's standpoint, ngrok 2.0 works almost exactly the same as ngrok 1.0. Note, that enabling this option at runtime does not kill an already forked scdaemon. --disable-check-own-socket gpg-agent employs a periodic self-test to detect a stolen socket. mpv -fs no will attempt to play a file named no, because --fs is a flag option that requires no parameter. This file behaves just like any other file, and can be moved, deleted, renamed etc.

For most purposes, I would consider both programs good for creating securely encrypted files (with 7-Zip having the edge). - I also recommend AESCrypt and AxCrypt.