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Sync file and type name: if your file and type name are out of sync, you can use Ctrl+.. JavaScript and TypeScript TypeScript 2.1 TypeScript 2.1 is available for all TypeScript projects in Visual Studio. Turn it off from Debug> Options > Enable Run to Click. Files for the languages noted below, support these features in the new Visual Studio Core Editor even when no workloads have been installed to explicitly support the language in question. http://controlpanelsource.com/visual-studio/visual-studio.html

Release History March 14, 2017 (build 26228.09) March 7, 2017 (build 26228.04) Known Issues Refer to the Known Issues section. Let it be. Extensions Keymaps category Keyboard shortcuts are vital to productivity and changing keyboarding habits can be tough. We talked with our friends on the TypeScript team and they came up with "Automatic Type Acquisition".

Visual Studio Hex Viewer

The setting has been moved to Tools > Options > Text Editor > C/C++ > Advanced (it was formerly under ...C/C++ > Experimental). Structures' submembers or inherited values can be examined. C# and Visual Basic Language Extensions This release introduces support for C# 7.0 and Visual Basic 15 language features, including: For C#: Task-like return types for async methods: this introduces the

These flags cause Chrome to pause and wait for a debugger to attach. If you only want to develop .NET Core applications for cross platform use, you can install just the .NET Core and ASP.NET Core tools using the “.NET Core cross-platform development” workload Debugger Accessibility Improvements You can now more effectively use several of the Debugger windows (Call Stack, Locals, Autos, Watch, and Quickwatch) with screen readers and for other accessibility needs. Visual Studio 2015 Hexadecimal Display C# and Visual Basic - Extends support for new C# 7.0 and Visual Basic 15 language features, and introduces new refactorings that allow you to organize source code with one action.

Disable extensions - Quickly disable an Extension globally or for a specific workspace. Visual Studio Watch Window Format Specifier Node Debugging Simplified launch configuration In order to make setting up Node.js debugging as easy as possible, we've tried to simplify the initial 'launch.json' experience: Required but rarely changed attributes are The functional code that is running is the same as STEP5. check that The GitHub extension for Visual Studio can be selected in the new Visual Studio installer.

Improved TypeScript and JavaScript Grammar - The Dark+ themes now colorize variable and function references. Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 The new platforms are installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\Platforms. All of them can be used to build Native Client modules. The PPAPI platform The PPAPI platform builds your module as a dynamic library and launches a version of Chrome that’s configured to run the library as a plugin when it encounters

Visual Studio Watch Window Format Specifier

Coding Convention Support Via EditorConfig The Visual Studio editor now supports EditorConfig, which allows developers to define and maintain consistent coding style conventions between different editors and IDEs. https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/news/releasenotes/vs2017-relnotes I've been using this debug expression evaluator architecture for years for huge projects, including Visual Foxpro and Visual Basic.NET, and I find it indispensable and a huge time saver. Visual Studio Hex Viewer Visual Studio 2017 allows using /sdl with /await. Visual Studio Hexadecimal Display A new JavaScript language service is available and enabled by default.

You can reuse the sample project and the PPAPI and Native Client platforms it already has by replacing the source code with your own. http://controlpanelsource.com/visual-studio/visual-studio-iis-express.html I closed all VS 2013 windows and removed that folder. With support for generalized constexpr and NSDMI for aggregates, the compiler is complete for features added in the C++14 Standard. It looks for a copy of the server in the SDK itself (at %NACL_SDK_ROOT%\tools\httpd.py), and in the project directory ($(ProjectDir)/httpd.py). Visual Studio 2015 Hex

Also be certain that the server has all the files it needs to deliver a Native Client module (see “Keeping track of all the pieces”, below). For example, suppose that one of the variables is called VBLine, and that it is an internal representation of a line of Visual Basic .NET code. Thank you to all the amazing contributors who made this release of Node.js Tools for Visual Studio possible. this contact form This feature is powered by a query to the npmjs service to retrieve relevant declaration files for used modules.

Data Tools and SQL Server - The latest update of SQL Server Data Tools enables support for the newest features in Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2016. Visual Studio 2013 Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova This Visual Studio 2017 release includes the following improvements: Cordova simulate - A new browser-based simulator enables you to code fast and see the results In sample customer projects, we have seen switching time reduce by over 90%.

The PPAPI platform uses the toolchain and libraries that come with Visual Studio.

Easily configure continuous build integration for your ASP.NET Core application with Docker support and continuous build delivery to your Azure Container Services from within the Visual Studio IDE. You can also preview changes before applying them. Going forward, nuget.exe v4.0.0 + will also consider the new location for the machine-wide configuration. Typescript This feature helps with the following scenarios: Debug an extension and its debug adapter and/or language server at the same time.

Uppercase Identifiers for Record Labels and Unions Cases Analyzer and codefix (by Steffen Forkmann). If you are running your own server, you must be sure that the host page index.html is placed in your server’s root directory. Disable Chrome caching When you debug with a Native Client platform you might want to disable Chrome's cache to be sure you are testing your latest and greatest code. http://controlpanelsource.com/visual-studio/visual-studio-menu-bar.html Without further ado, then, let us dig into the depths of the Visual Studio .NET IDE, a look at the versions provided by Microsoft, and an overview of the rest of

XAML Performance Improvements Improved XAML Tab Switch performance - XAML Tab Switch performance has improved significantly.