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Or if you have Solaris or HPUX you can download pre-built packages that avoid the need to compile Perl yourself. It’ll set the port that’s to be accessed by the Web browser to 20000 (i.e. Added the new PPTP VPN Client and PPTP VPN Server modules for connecting to a VPN server and for setting up a Linux system as a VPN server, respectively. The best solution is to install the .tar.gz version of Webmin, which asks for the OS name and version manually.

Re-designed the Simple Blue theme to use frames. This not only allows you to see the non-standard modules that are already on your system, it also lets you: Search and install modules from CPAN.org Install a module from a Even more German translation updates, thanks to Raymond Vetter. Added an option on the Webmin Modules page for easily selecting and installing a standard module from www.webmin.com. http://www.webmin.com/docs.html

Www Webmin Com

Added an option for automatically renewing Let's Encrypt certificates. Support for setting the hardware clock is now detected automatically on Linux. Version 1.740 (15th March 2015) Added the awesome new Authentic Theme by Ilia Rostovtsev! This often happens on Redhat Linux systems due to a bug (in my opinion) in the default Webalizer configuration.

Select Logging and turn on the "Log changes made to files by each action" option. The Apache module now has a Module Config option to suport Debian's /etc/apache/sites-enabled directory. Once you have downloaded a new module as a .wbm file, enter the Webmin Configuration module and click on the Webmin Modules button. How To Start Webmin Better support for driver-specific options when using CUPS for printing, and sped up the listing of printer drivers.

Restart inetd to make the changes take effect. Webmin Manual Pdf This will create the file key.pem which is your private key. Added plain-text mode and head section preservation to the File Manager HTML editor, and a field to select which user uploaded files are owned as. View the detailed change log.

The Disk Quotas module can now display in kilobytes instead of blocks, on systems when the block size is known. Webmin Url How do I log Webmin actions and the files they have changed? Improved handling of large file uploads so that they are no longer read into memory by Webmin webserver. Version 1.020 (8 Oct 2002) Webmin now generates an SSL key at install time, instead of using a built-in key.

Webmin Manual Pdf

Support for VLANs and channel bonding on Debian, comments on interfaces on Redhat and alias interface bugfixes for FreeBSD, all in the Network Configuration module. http://www.webmin.com/community.html If PAM is not used on your operating system, the first two steps can be skipped. Www Webmin Com Change the line starting with HistoryName to HistoryName webalizer.hist. Webmin Default Password Dovecot module updates to support new directives in latest version.

The Perl Modules module can now fetch RPM or Deb packaged modules from YUM or APT, where available. Configuring Webmin to start at boot time.. Click on Usermin Module Configuration. The Webmin Servers Index module can automatically scan for new servers on the local network on a regular schedule. Webmin Exploit

Added support for editing TLSA (SSL Certificate) DNS records. Thanks to Møre og Romsdal fylke and Olav Berge for sponsoring this module. The upper bound depends on the number of concurrent RPC operations, but opening the range 10000 to 10010 should be enough when configuring the firewall between two Webmin servers. Thanks to JPCERT for finding this bug.

Added an option to use perfect forward secret ciphers for SSL, which protects traffic even if the Webmin private key is compomised. Webmin Tutorial Improved Irix support for NFS, Disks and Filesystems, Quotas and File Manager. If you see this error in /var/log/auth.log , edit the file /etc/pam.d/webmin and change the line @include common-session to @include common-session-noninteractive .

Added the Software Package Updates module, for installing new packages from YUM or APT.

An installer for the Xen and KVM GPL version is available on the Cloudmin GPL for Xen and Cloudmin GPL for KVM pages. You are provided with a fill-in-the-blanks form to add your new domain. Needed Documentation Development Ideas miniserv.conf settings Category:Not done Missing pictures See Also Virtualmin: Webmin-based Open Source web hosting control panel Webmin related software at SourceForge.net Retrieved from "http://doxfer.webmin.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Webmin_Documentation:Help&oldid=4338" Category: Help Navigation How To Use Webmin More German, Norwegian and Catalan translation updates.

However, if you hold down shift while double-clicking, your browser should prompt you to save the file instead. Optimizations to speed up getting the hostname and Postfix config settings. If the Let's Encrypt client is not installed, Webmin will use its own built-in client code to request a certificate. January 8, 2016 Webmin 1.780 released This update includes updates to the Filemin file manager and Authentic theme, and the German, Catalan, Polish and Norwegian translations.

Part 2 Webmin serves as a powerful graphical user interface for root access, configuration and management of *Nix servers. Added the IPFilter Firewall module for Solaris and other operating systems that use ipf. For instance, you might set up a Webmaster with Apache, FTP, Sendmail and System Logs access, leaving the remainder of Webmin’s modules available to the Systems Administrator. If you elect to initialize Usermin, your users (clients) will have browser-based access to their account on the server.

This also prevents any down-time while the config is being re-read. View the detailed change log. In the DHCP module, added a Module Config option to automatically refresh the lease list every few seconds, and a link to force a manual refresh.