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No warning, no input from me, just reboots. Diamond Jim ZoneAlarm file, however can also be a virus if not located in the correct location: %windows%\system\Zone Labs\vsmon.exe. Just after i reformatted my computer and installed it again. tokyojin Part of ZoneAlarm, best firewall there is....

If it bugs you, turn of the schedule, and run it manually before you go for lunch or leave to run over night or something. Anon the file is fine, youre lettting it do a virus scan without knowing it tell it to scan at a time when youre not at your computer - it works Mike Offered as part of Time Warner cable service, and normally runs ok. On the General tab, in the System Configuration Utility dialog box, select the Selective Startup option. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/vsmon.exe.html

After 2 weeks of having it running without restart it started to use all my cpu. Roshan Only program that slows my pc way down & hides my lil cpu usage icon. tsfinder zonealarm Peter ZoneAlarm file.

Hogs my CPU even before scheduled tasks. manx_bkk Some say it's just a CPU hog, but they don't know where to shut it down in ZA. When offline, doesn't give any problem if you shut it down. Test by shutting down your browser/downloader/chat temporarily.

keep running all the time you are connected to some form of network. I made my mind and decided to suffer a bit...a lot sometimes to be safe. Dick It's a part of ZoneAlarm firewall; but it consumes a lot of CPU time. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/vsmon.exe.html jD*SharpS Zone-Alarm file.

If you don't have zonealarm, destroy it. Agree that shut down and restart of Zone Alarm works but how can you do this remotely for a file server? Also, this DOES belong in your system folder if you have a ZA product installed. pan hi cpu usage - unable to stop or delete this file even under admin.

gabberino84 sometimes it explode and starts using CPU slowing all zone alarm shit, that eats up almost the whole cpu-time: restart zone alarm to get your system back under control! How do I get help? restart ZAP and itll go back to "normal" if i had paid for this version of ZAP id be choked ; ) random surfer Part of Zone Alarm (with Virus). Hans Dieter zone alarm!!

I'm using Zonealarm 3.0 serig switching off the automatic update function in ZoneAlarm seems to stop the cpu and memory problems on my machine solution Part of ZoneAlarm. consumption increases every minute for as long as ZA is running .. Spinning Cow This file is made for control and check your mail traffic, if you are well user of your email and know how files you can open, you can turn Maarten This is a Zone Alarm process necessary for this very good firewall.

eZ uses a slightly older version). So if it starts acting up, you might have rbot. beowulf Zone Alarm Pro File. Zone Alarm process.

Note: By default, the utility outputs the log into system disk (it is usually the disk with installed operating system, C:\) root folder. never did. I also do regular Virus checks (updated daily) and Spyware checks using 3 different apps.

waltyourz Remained active after deinstalling Zone Alarm; killed network communication; erase ZoneLabs files in system directory in protected mode Gisela zonealarm...just restart..it messes up once in a while..no big deal RamRod

See also: Link c On email download, spun my CPU up to 100% and seemed in an endless loop. Same program on my work-PC runs just fine. Hans Dieter zone alarm!! It does this even with email, antivirus, antispy and IM scanning shut off.

See also: Link dillthedog VSMON is the Virus Monitor. Brings up DUN window about once an hour. wrong. Oompah Loompah Its Zone alarm firewall engine don't stop!

Check it out! Can't uninstall it. PC now running slow. pgcsec Its harmless but it uses lots of cpu time...

and the cpu/memory usage problem should go away S G It occurs that this file automatically searches the PC for viruses and Spyware. I am grateful and will spread the word. Fixed: Upgrade issue from Suite to Extreme Fixed: Diagnostics Tool uploading Click Here to Download Results 1 to 2 of 2 Thread: VSMON.EXE High CPU Consumption Thread Tools Show Printable Warning 2: The workaround method may make your computer more vulnerable to malicious attacks by hackers and malware programs, such as virus and spyware.

Turn the auto scanner off or set it for a time you dont need full CPU yourself as it slows the system to treacle Fudge This should fix for xp home Disabled vsmon and I lost ALL internet access Nick ZoneAlarm firewall. Keith This is a real shit this firewall ZoneAlarm... I've used ZoneAlarm Pro for the last 2 years, updating > regularly, and it hasn't been a problem (apart from it always being the last > app available when booting up).

Is now sitting there taking up 30MB of precious RAM... Is vsmon.exe spyware or a virus?